We’re already over one week in 2016 and I realize I haven’t done much blogging lately.

One of the things that kept me busy is development on Outrun, and the joint Oracle / EMC Solution Center (OSC) on which I intend to write a bit more going forward.

Something I did about a year ago (without mentioning it too much) is upgrade my WordPress.com account to Professional. Not that I really need the extra add-ons, but I want my readers not to be disturbed by ads – OK, there’s ad blockers, but not everyone uses them, and on some platforms you simply can’t (iOS). Dirty Cash well spent (and no, I don’t get it reimbursed by my employer if you’d think that, my blog is mine, mine only and independent).

adblockwelcomeGiven that the number of page views on Dirty Cache passed a quarter million last year (thanks to all my readers), can you imagine the savings in bandwidth and productivity loss by not showing ads? 😉

So what else can you expect from me this year?

Of course, more about running Oracle on EMC and why I think that’s a pretty good idea. As the competition with Oracle is heating up, I intend to write more on comparing the differences between the solutions of both companies, debunking some marketing and competitive claims, and more. I also hope to find time to maintain the wiki on the Outrun site, and in addition to Outrun documentation, it might be a good place to put Oracle / EMC related howto’s, best practices, FAQs and more.

You also might be wondering what’s going to happen around Oracle / EMC solutions during the Dell / EMC aquisition… Me too. But we can’t (and are not allowed to) comment on it until the merger is final. Until then, business as usual. When the time is ready I’ll comment on new Dell / EMC / Oracle stuff where possible.


Another thing that crossed my mind is that it’s nearly two years ago that I wrote a post on one area where the ICT industry, IMHO, has failed completely and that’s on the topic of authentication. We still don’t have an open, definitive, secure and straightforward alternative to the dreaded user id / password logins that every netizen is confronted with, usually more than once per day. The attempts from well-known Internet giants are all a) not secure, or b) locking you in, or c) otherwise not useful. I still need to do that follow-up post.

Would I still have time to pursue non-work related personal interests? Absolutely. I hope to get an instrument rating on my pilot’s license this year, or at least make some good progress on that. And of course fly to some interesting places in between trainings.

So for those of you who wonder why I enjoy living in the beautiful, laid-back South of the Netherlands instead of the busy Randstad area, here is a promotional video for the municipality of Venlo, made by one of my flying buddies who happens to be co-owner of Beeldwerk.TV

For the impatient viewers, our airplane shines from 6’00 and flies our mayor around over the area I live in.

[Warning: Rated L for some Limburgs Dialect – which I don’t speak (I’m imported) but understand almost 100% ]

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/149868355]



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