slob-rpmA while ago Kevin Closson announced a new release of the well-known SLOB kit.

SLOB is a simple but powerful toolkit that drives lots and lots of IO on a real Oracle database (so for performance testing of database platforms, it’s much better than synthetic IO tests).

A previous version was bundled with Outrun but required the entire Outrun distribution to work properly. With the new 2.3 version I created an RPM package that can be installed separate on any Enterprise Linux 6.x (64 bit) server.

The wiki page (including instructions) can be found here: SLOB RPM Package wiki

Thanks to Kevin for granting permission to redistribute this awesome toolkit!

Features of the SLOB RPM package
  • Runs on all flavours of Enterprise Linux (Red Hat – compatible) i.e. Oracle, CentOS or Red Hat
  • Requires no additional RPMs to install
  • Pre-compiled “wait_kit”
  • Man page (“man slob”)
  • Sets up a “slob” group and a “slob” special user to run SLOB
  • Puts the original SLOB files in a shared, root-owned, non-modifyable folder (/usr/share/slob)
  • Deletes the files and the special user/group when the RPM package is uninstalled
  • Sets up the environment ($PATH and $SQLPATH) for users who are member of the “slob” group (so you can run slob as any other user if you like)
  • Provides wrapper shell scripts “slob-setup” and “slob-run” to make working with SLOB a little bit easier
  • Wrapper scripts provide dynamic parameters so you don’t have to modify slob.conf for every test run
  • Performance results log directory is configurable with every run
  • Provides additional SQL scripts to enhance SLOB ease-of-use and functionality (including SLOB full table scans)

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Silly Little Oracle Benchmark – RPM edition
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