oow2013flashLast Tuesday I had the privilege to present at Oracle Openworld 2013 together with Sam Marraccini (the guy with the big smile here in the pic) from EMC’s Flash products division. Sam introduced the various EMC Flash offerings we have, and I discussed some experiences and best practices from the field. We really got lots of interaction with the audience, and many questions (at one point I was looking at about 5 hands raised simultaneously) which caused me to run out of time finishing some of the best practices I planned to discuss at the end. But interaction is always better than just us talking so I got the feeling the session was successful – although I’d like to hear from people in the audience what their thoughts are (feel free to comment!)

When people started to make snapshots of the slides with their iPhones, we promised the audience to make the slides available ASAP. So here they are. They will probably also be available via Oracle’s OOW pages within time.

In the presentation you will see some stuff that I have blogged on before (even used same or similar pics) and at the end you will find a list of things I typically discuss with customers around (mostly performance related) best practices. I hereby promise to spend more time blogging on some of these topics as they seemed to trigger lots of discussion and questions.

One disclaimer: the recommendations in the presentation are sometimes based on my opinions and customer experiences rather than testing (I’m a field consultant and not full-time engineer, don’t have time and resources to test everything although I plan to do just that more often in the future) and I have frequently heard different opinions on some of the topics from other EMC colleagues. But at least this gives you a starting point for designing a well-performing and reliable EMC/Oracle database stack.

Enjoy – and feel free to contact me if you have questions, remarks, better knowledge, etc (either private or in the comments)!

Oracle Openworld 2013 presentation – DBAs Guide to the Flash Galaxy

Hope to see you next year at Openworld 2014 (or EMC World!)


Announcing my Openworld 2013 presentation material
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